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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage KatherineIn my experiences as a massage practitioner, it seems to be common place that some massage therapists are quite reluctant to massage expectant mothers. That is because Pregnancy Massage is definitely a job that needs to be done correctly.

The specialty training uses a combination of Swedish and Remedial Massage techniques to assist with the tension and pain experienced during pregnancy. This is often caused by the gain in weight, which shifts the centre of gravity.

Care must be taken when massaging pregnant women, including; not using certain oils on the body, and correctly position the client so they are both safe and comfortable. Some expectant mother’s may prefer to sit and just have their neck and shoulders massaged.

At Katherine Massage Clinic, we have a special Pregnancy Cushion which is designed to attach to the top of a standard massage table. This cushion has an hollow area designed for the sole purpose of allowing the client to lie on their stomach comfortably.

Everyone who has used the pregnancy cushion has said that it is a ‘great piece of equipment – and a must for all practitioners that treat expectant mothers’.

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